2022 Carry The Load Memorial Day Event

Carry The Load - Who are you carrying?

Freedom Mobility Foundation is asking for your support through the 2022 Carry The Load Memorial Day event on May 29th and 30th. 

Founded by Greg Clark and other North Texas military and civilian leaders, the Freedom Mobility Foundation partners with national mobility companies to improve the lives of physically impaired military, veteran and first responder heroes and their families. Our recipients receive state-of-the-art mobility and lift technologies, as well as specially equipped pickup trucks and/or all-terrain vehicles. 

By sourcing and gifting this equipment, Freedom Mobility Foundation gives those heroes in need the ability to move across all terrains while taking a more active role in work, social activities, and outdoor recreation. For more information on the Freedom Mobility Foundation, please visit www.FreedomMobilityFoundation.org, Facebook or Instagram

Today, I am proud to announce that the Freedom Mobility Foundation will be a 2022 Carry The Load non-profit partner for their annual Memorial May campaign.  Carry The Load is an annual event at Dallas/Ft. Worth’s Revershon Park that’s changing the meaning of Memorial Day by “carrying the load” for those who served and died for our country. 

Please join me on the 2022 Freedom Mobility Foundation Carry The Load team at www.carrytheload.org/freedommobilityfoundation to raise funds, join our team or form your own under our banner, and participate (if you’d like) at the Memorial Day Weekend March on May 29th and 30th. 

Every dime of the funds raised through the Freedom Mobility Foundation Carry The Load team page will go directly back to us to fund the purchase of mobility devices for Sgt. Jim Madison, a veteran who served 22 years before becoming wheelchair bound from sustained injuries.  USAA and Caliber Collision are gifting a 2018 Ford F-150 pickup to Jim.  The mobility devices that allow Jim to use his refurbished truck more easily include an advanced transfer chair, spinner knob on the steering wheel, and a lift system.  These devices are being funded by Freedom Mobility Foundation with help from the VA for the lift system. 

Help us “carry the load” for Sgt. Jim Madison this Memorial Day by donating to our Freedom Mobility Foundation Carry The Load team at www.carrytheload.org/freedommobilityfoundation and joining us at our Partner booth at Revershon Park, 3505 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219, beginning at noon on Sunday, May 29th through 3 pm on Monday, May 30th. 

And if you have any questions regarding the Carry The Load event, please email Greg Clark at GregoryLClark77@gmail.com. I look forward to your support whether it’s large or small and seeing you at the Carry The Load Memorial Day March on May 29th and 30th.  We can’t wait to see you!